Appliance Repair Services - Why You Shouldn't Try to Fix Appliances Yourself

Appliances make everyday living more convenient, but when they break down, the problem can be serious. Food may get spoiled, and laundry can pile up.

If your home appliance is under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to have it repaired. Otherwise, you can call an authorized repair service.

Manufacturer Warranty

When appliances break down, it can create major problems for homeowners. Food spoils, the AC stops working, and laundry piles up. Consumers often call appliance repair services to resolve these issues and many of these companies offer a manufacturer warranty for their services.

The terms of a manufacturer warranty can vary but generally cover repair, service, and replacement. Most manufacturers offer these warranties for a year after purchase by the original owner. However, the warranty is only valid with a purchase receipt.

Before choosing an appliance repair company, consider their licensing and certifications. This is particularly important since the business will be handling appliances containing gas, electricity, flammable refrigerants, and high-speed motors. Having the proper credentials shows customers that the appliance repair company is professional and safe to work on their machines.

Service Call Fees

Appliance repair services charge a service call fee to come to your home and diagnose the problem. The fee covers the cost of the technician’s time and travel expenses as well as overhead costs such as a vehicle, fuel, a storefront with support staff, and warehousing of parts.

In addition, appliance professionals are required to have a state-issued Electronics & Home Appliance Service Dealer License, which adds to the expense of operating a business. You should always ask the repair company to clarify if their service call fee contributes to the actual repair cost or is it an independent charge.

Some companies may also charge for removing and installing new parts. You can avoid this by asking the repair company to give you a quote for the whole job upfront. Then you can decide whether or not the cost of repair is worth it. If it’s not, you may consider replacing the appliance.

Third-Party Repair Companies

A quality appliance repair company will be able to provide you with proof of insurance, licensing and certification upon request. If a company cannot produce these documents, do not hire them for your repairs. Similarly, do not give a company your business if they refuse to guarantee their work or demand that you pay upfront for the services.

While home warranty companies may be a source of new business for many fledgling repair service businesses, experts warn against leaning on this type of business as your primary or sole source of revenue. Working with these companies can be a complicated process, and it is possible that you could complete a repair for a client that the home warranty company then denies coverage for.

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DIY Repair

Attempting to repair home appliances yourself can be dangerous. It’s essential to follow strict safety guidelines, including disconnecting electrical power and shutting off the house circuit breaker before beginning a diagnostic or repair. Many appliance parts have a delicate nature and aren’t meant to be handled by untrained people. Every year, many people are injured or killed attempting DIY repairs.

If you have the time and the resources, it’s possible to save money by learning to repair your appliances yourself. You can find online videos and books that teach you how to perform common repair jobs, such as unjamming a garbage disposal or cleaning lint out of a dryer vent.

If you’re a contractor or handyman, obtaining an appliance repair certification can help attract new clients. You’ll be able to use the “Certified Appliance Repair Technician” moniker on your business cards and website, which will boost client confidence in your expertise and professionalism. You’ll also be able to offer more expensive repair jobs because you’ll be properly equipped and trained.